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Narendra Kumar

Narendra Kumar

National President


Narendra Kumar - National President

Narendra Kumar is a man of visionary thoughts, a great administrator with expertise in the robust formulation of ideas to goal and transforming goal to real action. He has been leaving no stone unturned for creating a new and a self-reliant India. He is a great fan of Hon. Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Modi and a big admirer of Modiji's decision-making skills. Narendra Kumar also serves B.J.P. as Politician, Founder of Hindrise social welfare foundation, and Aatma Nirbhar sena. He is active and working passionately as a board member of several companies in India. He brings close to 7+ years' experience in startups as C.F.O. (Chief financial officer) &4 years' experience in C.E.O. Roles with domain competence in Management, Administration, Digital Business, Consulting, Fintech, Retail, Investment Banking, and Corporate Governance. Despite receiving loads of acknowledgment and acclaim, Narendra Kumar remains unaffected as well as humble and continues to strive hard to uplift the living standard of underprivileged families facing the negligence and hardship in the society. He has been actively supporting serval social reforms initiatives concerning children and women in UP and Bihar as Major Focus areas. He is also working as a mentor in several early-stage startups companies in India. He is willing to support innovative and young entrepreneurs who want to kickstart their startups to solve the pressing problems of the country.

Furthermore, he is taking giant steps with the belief in his heart that giving a boost to entrepreneurship can cultivate social and economic change in India. He believes that Politicians and social activists should work for more vulnerable sections of the society, and the road map of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat will go after India as the most preferred business destination for Startups. Narendra Kumar is encouraging startup ideas that can revolutionary transform the country in a positive way.


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